How to buy tips?


If you choose PayPal just simply click on the banner button BUY NOW and it will take you to your account with the amount for the given service.
If you choose Skrill or Neteller, just write our email adress:
For other payment methods (Western Union, Credit Card) contact us for all the details.

Guaranteed tip – This is a service that brings you more security than other services. If you loose we guarantee 100% of your money back plus 5% bonus from us. The odd is smaller then other services – 1.60 – 1.80, because of high success rate of the tip.

For exalmpe:

We receive 95euro for the Guaranteed tip from you and if the game does not come we return 100euro to your bank accont (PayPall, Skrill or other) after the end of the match.

Single tip – This service allows you to try our skills once, and if you are satisfied then you can make a step forward and take advantage of our services for a longer period of time. With this service we guaranteed single match with odd between 1.70 – 2.00. The good thing about this service is that if you get lost we will give you guaranteed free tip of the coming day.

Double tip – This is service consists of two combined games with odd between 1.80-2.30. When, we don’t give a free tip per lose in this service, because it has a high success rate due to a combination of the two lower odd’s. Here we choose to give only Under/Over and Asian Handicap bets.

Big Odd Tip – This is also new service and we created it specifically for your interest in such services to satisfy your needs. Consists of single game with bigger odd between 3.00-5.50. The odd’s is bigger, for it is actually hard to chase more than 60% success rate in these services, but when we won the game the profits are large. Little advice form us – do not bet with big sums and more than 5% of your bank actives.

20 tips plan – This service includes 20 games in 20 days. We give to you singe or double matches every day with odd between 1.70-2.30. In instances we determine that it is impossible to do  70% success rate, then we will give you bonus games to align your losses.

We prefer to give the matches early in the morning or the night before because bookmakers lower rates by almost 15-20% for one day sometimes. When you make your payment we will contact you immediately to that email and we will give you all the information you need.